The sermon this past Sunday centered around the five love languages. For those who know me, it’s probably no surprise that my own love language is that of words.

Words have always held a tremendous fascination—perhaps borderline obsession—for me. The way they sound as they roll off the tongue, the way they fold and fit together . . . forming thoughts, ideas, and dreams.

What else on this earth has such power? To inspire and to uplift, to tear down, to trample.

They are among my greatest comforts . . . and my greatest temptations.

But never is the power of words more evident than in the Living Word of God. By His power, mere words are transformed into light and life, into the very air and breath, my soul’s own sustenance and salvation.

For when I am feeling “less than” or simply “not enough,” the Lord nods with gentle understanding, sees my struggles, and says,


She did what she could (Mark 14:8).


Overwhelmed and teetering at the edge of unable, I hear Jesus call out from Matthew,


Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,

and I will give you rest (11:28).


And on those days, in the face of those encounters—the ones that leave me feeling altogether unlovely—the Lord, Creator of All, softly whispers,


You are altogether beautiful (Song 4:7).


Words of God . . . they wash away and soothe, renew and replenish, finding what was lost and opening eyes to see. To see so much more than simply words, to see . . .


. . . simply grace.

What words speak to you today?


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