It’s a troubling world we live in.

But then, I suppose, it’s been a troubling world from the moment we stepped from the Garden. The names change, the places and times change, but the struggles? They remain so very much the same.

And those struggles can be . . . overwhelming, weighing down hearts and hope, washing away dreams, and drowning joy. It’s the joy that I’m missing these days; it’s the joy I’m wishing I could see. So . . . I’m seeking.

“Seek and you will find”—that’s the promise of Matthew 7:7, the promise of our Lord who is faithful always, who is good always, and who keeps His promises always.

This seeking . . . it’s a deliberate journey to a different way of thinking, an outright adventure, a holy quest to live life abundantly.

Join me?

Because, yes, it’s a troubling world . . . but it’s also a new day.


Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,

for I have put my trust in you.

—Psalm 143:8


Go ahead. Take the challenge. I dare you to think about this life we live in a different way. Seek the joy in this new morning . . . seek the Lord’s unfailing love . . .

How is God showing you His love today?


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