Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas Is Coming!

Did you know? Christmas is coming!

And it's much more than presents and parties. Christmas is a day to celebrate Jesus, God's greatest gift! This beautifully illustrated book shares the entirety of the story—from the garden of Eden to a manger in Bethlehem—as God's wondrous plan unfolds and His Son comes to earth.

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About the Book

The wondrous plan of the Christmas story started long, long ago. . . . The prophets knew, Mary and Joseph knew, the angels knew, the wise men knew . . . and now we know too!

Christmas is for celebrating Jesus, God’s greatest gift to the world. While Christmas excitement often focuses on hanging lights, opening gifts, and decorating trees, Christmas Is Coming! offers a different—and true—reason for our joy and celebration. Designed to be read and reread during the days leading up to Christmas, the story lets children ages 2-6 listen with wonder and anticipation as the story of God’s plan for Jesus’ arrival unfolds.

ASIN: 1087713781
ISBN: 9781087713786
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